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     In all instances, McCullough Excavating is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We can provide insurance and workers compensation certificates upon request. We provide a wide range of integrated and reliable services to meet the need for nearly any project!

* The company is recognized by ADEC as a certified septic installer for residential and commercial installation and repair of waste water systems. When the job is complete the customer receives a professional as-built drawing for their records. Another copy is submitted to ADEC, which goes into the searchable online database.

* We are recognized by MSHA for our Sand & Gravel mine and hold the required extraction permits to supply you and your project with quality aggregate.

* Talkeetna Water and Sewer hook-ups are also available. We can provide a connection to an existing stub out, or a "hot-tap" into water and sewer mains.

* McCullough Excavating coordinates with the Mat-Su Borough constructing new drive ways, repairing roads, building subdivisions and general maintenance of existing areas.

* We have the ability to create house pads and business locations to exact specifications for owners, complete with compaction and water and sewer stub outs.

* In the need of demolition, we are able to tear down existing structures and coordinate disposal of waste materials.

* Once a well is drilled, we are able to dig down to an appropriate depth (typically 10' or greater), drill into the well casing install a water line; then backfill with the correct amount of insulation to prevent freezing.

* Driveway reconditioning is always a popular job, we are able to haul in selected material, grade and compact so you don't have to beat up your car or yourself any longer!

* Snowplowing and snow removal is available using plow trucks or heavy equipment.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about services provided

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